Subanen Crafts
 I work in the Subanen Crafts project where I make hand-crafted Mandalas, Jewelry, books, and cards.
 The project also provided my eduaction at La Salle University where I just completed a course in office management.
Now, besides my craft work, I am also the office clerk for the project.
This year our best seller was our Christmas cards featuring Jesus in the manger.
The temorary shelter where Jesus was born in the hills of  Bethlehem reminds me of our Subanen houses in the hills of Mindanao
Our homes are very tiny.  There is space only for sleeping and for storing our corn
I thank all who bought our cards and crafts.  Because of your support we Subanen crafters can now help our families build more sturdy houses like the house Joseph crafted for his family in Nazareth.
Hello, I'm Mercy 
Mercy's Story"
My mother came to my graduation.
 Lisa, Juvy, Me, Melvie, and Vangie