Subanen Crafts
Photo left:  Subanen crafter Marcelita Balido with her family in the hills of Mindanao.   The Balido family had to flee many times to avoid the dangers they faced in the remote mountains of Mindanao.  In March of 2014 the Subanen Crafts project  helped them resettle in a safe place.
       What's New: 2016 Christmas Cards
        The Christmas Cards for 2016 are now being crafted.   Last year our cards highlighted the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.  This year our beautifully hand-colored and hand-inlaid cards recall their life in the stable where Jesus was born.  Like Mary, Subanen women give birth in simple shelters with their farm animals kept safely nearby.  And, like Joseph and Mary, Subanen parents struggle daily to give their families proper food, water, shelter, and health care.  
        ‚ÄčAs a special offer postage for these cards will be FREE.   To view these cards click on to "2016 Christmas Cards" in the menu above. 
                     About this website
This website is a catalog of handicrafts made by Subanens who are the indigenous people of Northwest Mindanao in the Philippines.   The site also contains photos and stories about the crafters.  The sale of their crafts help Subanen crafters provide food, education, housing, and health care for their families.  Subanen Crafts is a fair trade and nonprofit project. 
     How to use this website to buy crafts
You cannot buy crafts directly from this website. We do not have a Paypal account.  To buy items you will need to email us and we will respond immediately.  Our email address is given along with the price of each items in our catalog.  
       Prices are given in US dollars but if you order crafts we will also give you the equivalent cost of those items in your local currency, and we will inform you about where to send your payment using your local currency.