Subanen Crafts
     2015 Christmas Cards: "Journey to Bethlehem"
These individually hand-colored and hand-inlaid cards recall the journey of Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem.  The cards portray many similarities between that Christmas journey and the daily experiences of the Subanens.   Mary and Joseph had to travel through the hill country near Bethlehem; the Subanens live in the rugged hills of Northwest Mindanao.  Jesus was born in a stable; Subanen women also give birth in simple shelters with their farm animals kept safely nearby.   Mary and Joseph protected and nurtured Jesus;  Subanen parents struggle daily to give their families proper food, water, shelter, and health care.  
      ​Each handcrafted card is a work of art that took over an hour to make.  The cards are a celebration of Christmas and a glimpse into the life and homeland of the Subanens.
This card places Joseph and Mary on a rocky road in the rugged mountains and hills of the Subanen homeland. Joseph is seen attaching a Subanen cargo basket to the donkey's saddle while Mary brings the donkey a carrot. Subanen farmers crisscross mountain trails to bring their crops to market on their donkey-sized ponies.
This card shows Joseph and Mary stopping for a rest on their journey to Bethlehem.  It would have taken many days for them to travel from Nazareth.  Joseph is seen bringing Mary some water while their donkey drinks from a bucket that Joseph brought from a nearby well. 
This card shows Joseph and Mary upon their arrival in Bethlehem. Joseph is seen asking the innkeeper for accommodation.   Because the inn is full the innkeeper directs them to a nearby stable. The stable, seen in the distance, is similar to the thatched-roof huts built by the Subanens. 
This cards shows Joseph and Mary in the stable. Mary is seen holding her newborn Son while Joseph puts straw in the manger.   A Subanen cargo basket and wooden saddle are seen hanging from the cross beam.   In the background the road they just traveled winds its way through the mountains.   
This card shows Joseph helping Mary up a steep part of the journey to Bethlehem.  They are on a narrow trail cut into the side of a cliff.  Such are the trails that the Subanen farmers have to follow to get their produce to market. 
Price: A set of these 5 "Journey to Bethlehem" Christmas Cards is $10.00 US dollars.  As a special offer the shipping cost for a a set of these cards are FREE.  
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