Book-making workshop

    Marisa, Lisa, Jonalyn, and Edith are inlaying the colors into the rainbow page of the "Colors" book (see Handcrafted Books in the Menu).  This book is used in the Subanen pre-school centers in the remote mountain barrios.

Book-making workshop

    Jesse is carefully cutting out the markings of the caterpillar in the "Colors" book. Later Jesse will inlay colored paper into the caterpillar.

Book-making workshop

   Brendo and Sr. Patty prepare to assemble the pages of the "Colors" book. 
Jovie showing the Creation Cards she has crafted
watch as Marcelita
and Rechel
craft a

Subanen Crafts
At the Subanen Pre-school Center

Ms Luzviminda Atis reads the "Colors" book that she helped craft to her pre-school class.
At the pre-school center

Children hold pages from their coloring books based on the Colors book.
At the Pre-school center

Ms Atis and Sr. Patty with the children of the Subanen
pre-school center in 
their mountain barrio.
Mercy crafting a small Mandala