Mandala Earrings

      The silver thread of each earring forms a web that holds a single Swarovski Crystal.  The web represents the web of life and the crystal represents you and  your life-giving participation in the web of life.

Mandala Earrings come in two sizes:
The small size is 20mm. in diameter (about 3/4 inch).
The large size is 26mm. in diameter (about 1 inch).
Hooks for these earrings come in Surgical Steel or in Sterling Silver.

Both earring sizes, with Surgical Steel hooks, are $4.00 a pair plus shipping

Planet Bracelet
     The semi-precious stones and cat's eye beads in this bracelet mimic the actual colors of the planets.  The spacer beads are made of hematite. 


      Chakra Bracelets
    Spiritual teachers in India recognize seven energy points called Chakras in our bodies.  They developed meditations to enhance each Chakra to promote wellbeing.  The stones in the Chakra bracelets correspond to the colors of the 7 chakras: Onyx, Carnelian, Tiger's Eye, Moss-green Agate, Turquiose, Lapis Lazuli, Amethyst, and Agates.  The spacer beads are made of hematite. Bracelets are 8 inches.  Longer ones are available if you wish.   

 Planet Bracelet, Chunky Chakra Bracelet, Round Chakra Bracelet 

 All bracelets are $7.00 each plus shipping

Both earring sizes, with Sterling Silver hooks, are $6.00 a pair plus shipping
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To order please email us: