Subanen Crafts
                                  The "Colors" Book
      This book recounts the thoughts of a caterpillar as she wonders what color her wings will be when she becomes a butterfly.  Each page has beautiful examples of different colors  found in nature.   The last pages unfold into a multicolored butterfly.
Price:  Each book is $10.00 plus postage.
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Handcrafted Books
        Using the same cutting and inlaying skills used in making our cards the Subanen artists have handcrafted these hard-bound educational books for pre-schoolers.   Images in the books are taken from the mountain habitat of the Subanens. We originally designed these books so they could be used in the Subanen Learning Centers for pre-school children.  Visit our "Photo Gallery" to see the artists making these books, and also see the photos of  Subanen children using the books.
The "Shapes" Book
This book tells the story of a Subanen girl who finds different shapes in the world around her.  She wonders which of these shapes might decorate her birthday cake. The last 2 pages open up to reveal that all the shapes she discovered around her home can now be found on her birthday cake.
The "Opposites" book
This book tells the story of a Subanen girl going to the market.  Along the way she notices many opposites.  The last 2 pages open up to reveal all the opposites she discovered on her journey.
"Joseph's Christmas" Book
This book is based on our popular "First Noel" cards.  It shows how Joseph might have cared for Mary and Jesus doing the simple, practical things that Subanens do every day in their mountain homes.   Joseph cleans the stable and prepares the manger, brings water and firewood to the stable, makes a fire and cooks food for Mary, and watches over Jesus as Mary rests.  When the shepherds arrive he feeds them as well.  Each handcrafted and handbound book takes two days to make.  
 Price: $10 dollars plus postage