Subanen Crafts
2020 Christmas Cards

This year our handcrafted Christmas cards again highlight
the caring activities of Mary and Joseph throughout in the Nativity Story: their departure from Nazareth; their journey to Bethlehem; the birth of Jesus in the stable;  and finally, their flightinto the desert to escape the soldiers of Herod.   We Subanens face the same joys and fears that Mary and Joseph experienced that first Christmas. Like the Holy Family we too struggle daily to protect and care for each other and our habitat. Each card takes 1 hour to cut, inlay, and color.   

Price: A set of these ten Christmas Cards is $12.00 US dollars plus shipping costs.  

          ​We also compute equivalent costs in other currencies: Euros, Pounds Sterling, Canadian Dollars, etc..  

​          ​Sorry, Our small project does not have a PayPal account. For details on how to order please email us at