Subanen Crafts
                         2016 Christmas Cards  
These individually hand-colored and hand-inlaid cards recall how Jesus was born in a stable because there was no room for Joseph and Mary in the Inn.  The Subanens are a tribal people living in the Philippines.  Over the centuries their way of life has been sheltered and nurtured within the "Inn" of their ancestral homeland in the mountains of Northwestern Mindanao.   In recent decades their homeland and its diverse tropical habitat have been taken over by land-hungry settlers and by profit-minded logging and mining operations.  Like Mary and Joseph the Subanens hope to provide a safe and healthy home for their children.  That hope will die if they are denied room in the "Inn" of their ancestral homeland.
      ​Each hand-made card is a frame-able work of art.  The cards celebrate Christmas and give us a glimpse into the life and homeland of the Subanens.
This card shows Joseph and Mary arriving at the stable.   In the background we see the rugged mountains and hills of the Subanen homeland. Joseph is carrying a Subanen cargo-basket while Mary is guiding their donkey into the stable. Subanen farmers crisscross mountain trails to bring their crops to market on their donkey-sized ponies.
This card shows Joseph placing the manger in front of Mary who is holding Jesus in a Subanen style sling which is tied behind her neck.   
This card shows Joseph offering Mary a bowl of soup made in a Subanen cooking pot.  He is holding a wooden ladle.  Mary is holding Jesus in a sling that Subanen use to carry their babies as they walk.   The donkey looks on as it enjoys eating some hay from the manger. 
This cards shows Joseph preparing to place Jesus in the manger while Mary is sleeping nearby.  The donkey's saddle and the cargo-basket hang from the cross-beam.  In the background we see the mountain trail that Mary and Joseph used on their way to Bethlehem.   
This card shows Joseph helping Mary place Jesus in the manger.  The shepherds are arriving having been told by the angels where to find Jesus.  
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