Subanen Crafts
                                      2017 Christmas Cards

       We Subanens have lived for centuries in harmony with the forests and mountains of our habitat in the Southern Philippines. Every year we craft cards that tell the Christmas story in images that show Joseph and Mary helping each other while caring for Jesus.  This year our cards depict Mary and Joseph quickly packing and then fleeing Bethlehem to escape the soldiers sent by Herod.  Over the years many Subanen families have had to quickly abandon our homes and farms during times of armed conflict.
​​      Our cards embody the work of many artisans.  Some carefully hand-tint the background. Others skillfully cut out the images of Mary and Joseph.  Still others neatly inlay colored paper into the cutout images.  Each card takes time and great care to craft. As we craft the cards we see them becoming works of art that honor Mary and Joseph whose toils, joys, and fears we too have shared.  
     Sales of our cards help us provide food, education, housing, and health care for our families, and help us protect and  nurture our habitat.
This card shows Joseph and Mary filling their water bag to take on their journey. Soon they will be trekking though the hills and mountains seen in the background. Jesus sleeps in the manger.
This card shows Joseph handing Mary a blanket to put in their traveling bag. Joseph is holding a woven mat that they will use for ground cover when they camp in the desert.  
This card shows Joseph placing Jesus in the cloth sling used by Subanens to carry their babies.  Their belongings are now carefully packed on their donkey.  The donkey is now eating the hay that once pillowed Jesus.  
This cards shows Joseph and Mary fleeing Bethlehem.  Mary carries Jesus in a shoulder sling while Joseph leads the donkey up a rocky hillside.  
This card shows Joseph and Mary placing their cooking utensils into a basket. Joseph has gathered some firewood as well for their journey. 
Price: A set of these five 2017 Christmas Cards is $10.00 US dollars.  As a special offer the shipping cost for a set of these cards are FREE.  
          ​We also compute equivalent costs in other currencies: Euros, Pounds Sterling, Canadian Dollars, etc..  
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